1.1- 1.6GHz Triple RF Up Converter

The DM93x0 is a 3 channel BB-IF to RF Up-converter in a 3U Eurocard (160mm x 100mm) format. The input may be Baseband IQ complex signal, so to allow direct conversion to RF (Option Q) or IF Single component for intermediate frequencies up to 150MHz (Baseline).

The output RF frequency is in the range of 1150MHz to 1600 Mhz .Other Frequencies available upon request.

Each Up-converting chain presents

- An input by-passable filter that allows to reject unwanted frequencies.

- Single ended to differential wideband amplifier

- Direct Quadrature Modulator Output

- low noise 20 dB Gain Amplifier (Optional - Option G).

- On Board by-passable RF Filter (Option A,B,C,N,S)

  • L Band RF Up converter to cover all GPS and Galileo Navigation services
  • Up to 3 channels in a single board
  • Ultra wideband: Up to 200MHz bandwidth (Option Q) or 100MHz IF centered (Baseline)
  • Input RF Carrier SMA Connectors
  • Input Level up to 4 dBm
  • Input impedance 50 ohm Se AC (Baseline) or DC Coupled (Option Q)
  • Optional Input Filter
  • Optional Output RF Image rejection Filter
  • Output Level : up to 0 dBm (50 Ohm SE AC coupled Load, VGA and Filter present)‏
  • Power Consumption (7V<VDC<20V): 7W Total
  • Form Factor : 3U

Please download datasheet or our product review (Acrobat Reader needed).

Application Notes

QFN Soldering Guidelines


3Q 2022: Digimimic announces:

  • DM6001RH 8.5 GHz to 11.8 GHz low phase noise radiation tested VCO

2Q/3Q 2021: Digimimic announces:

  • 1.0 GHz to 30.0 GHz IQ modulator
  •  Baseband or IF complex input