Thanks to the large experience in developing, designing, manufacturing control and testing of the high speed products, DIGIMIMIC is able to offer the following services:

  • Design from customer specifications of new chip dies or modules
  • Design of evaluation boards and application boards.
  • Design of L-Band RF Boards

DIGIMIMIC Flexibility Program.

To help low volme customers in lowering mask costs, DIGIMIMIC promotes a "shuttle run approach". By clustering (similar or adapted form factor) designs into a single foundry run, customers can dramatically lower their NRE on new parts or Recurrent costs on existing DIGIMIMIC products not at stock. Shuttle runs are made on a periodic basis.

Single customer fully dedicated runs through all the year are always available to decrease lead times upon customer's request.

The DIGIMIMIC flexibility program allows customer's developed designs to be included into DIGIMIMIC shuttle runs still allowing a mask cost reduction.


3Q 2022: Digimimic announces:

  • DM6001RH 8.5 GHz to 11.8 GHz low phase noise radiation tested VCO

2Q/3Q 2021: Digimimic announces:

  • 1.0 GHz to 30.0 GHz IQ modulator
  • ┬áBaseband or IF complex input