Founded in September 2007, DIGIMIMIC sells and develops GaAs and InP products for frequencies up to 13GHz. Digimimic initial goal was to sell and support some iTerra (now Gigoptix) dismissed digital and analog parts as well as to expand the portfolio functionality with new designs. Digimimic is developing a family of SiGe based MMIC for beamforming Application in the 8GHz to 15 GHz Bandwidth.


13GHz, GaAs, by 2 and by 4 simultaneous clock divider


Low Power 13Gbps InP DFF.


3 channel BB-IF to RF L-Band Up-converter

A family of L-BAND RF products, completes Digimimic product portfolio:

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1Q 2018: Digimimic announces:

  • DM9400: Triple L/C Band RF down Converter 3U Board

2Q/3Q 2017: Digimimic announces:

  • DM9510: 8 nodes BFN L-Band RF Up Converter 3U Board
  •  DM9610: 8 nodes BFN L-Band RF Down Converter 3U Board