The DIGIMIMIC core founder team is composed by one iTerra Co-founder (VP of digital product development) and one iTerra Senior Engineer with the support and blessing of the former mother company.

As matter of fact the starting product portfolio was designed and tested by the same DIGIMIMIC technical team in iTerra Communications using both GaAs HBT and InP HBT.

The product portfolio is currently manufactured, under license agreement, using the iTerra Communications LLC mask set.

DIGIMIMIC core technical team has also designed fully functional 40G digital dies in InP HBT.

DIGIMIMIC design team is also available to provide customized solutions.

DIGIMIMIC product portfolio laso include a family of 3U L/BAND UP/DOWN converter boards .

Finally DIGIMIMIC is financially independent and self-funded.


3Q 2022: Digimimic announces:

  • DM6001RH 8.5 GHz to 11.8 GHz low phase noise radiation tested VCO

2Q/3Q 2021: Digimimic announces:

  • 1.0 GHz to 30.0 GHz IQ modulator
  • ┬áBaseband or IF complex input